Hello, lovelies!

Do you know that we use an average of 20 beauty products a day? And almost everyday, a new product or brand will emerge… but of course we can’t buy them all. Money matters aside, we don’t know if these products will work or suit us. What if it causes an allergic reaction? Or that it doesn’t live up to its hype? The best solution is that we try the products first and hear what people have to say about it.

Hence, this is where Bag of Love comes in. With a subscription, you get a beautiful bag of 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products – ranging from hair care to skincare, body care, make up, nails and fragrances – delivered to your doorstep monthly so you get to sample the products before buying it. 

We carry many brands  from mass to luxury and local to international -  and you won’t know what items will be in the bags until you get it, so prepare yourself to be surprised! After your excitement, come back here and share your experience and also to see what others say. And guess what? If you do that, you might just win one of the full-sized items in the bag! And yes, I said bag! Instead of packing the items in a box, they are packed in a pretty cosmetic bag with different designs every month! 

Are you excited yet?! Apart from just getting the monthly surprised, RM1 from your purchase will go into the Bag of Love fund. At the end of the each month, we can then decide together where the fund will go to on our FB fanpage:

March will see a slight change in Bag of Love. Instead of having a bag every month, we will now have one bag bi-monthly. This means that your subscription now will be for the March/April bag. Price is still RM39.90 and the bags will go out mid-April.

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