How Technology Can Impact Your Dreams

How Technology Can Impact Your Dreams

Did you know that technology can actually affect the way that you dream? It has to do with how the devices we use on a daily basis are changing our habits. Some people also believe that the sheer volume of electronic frequencies going between phones, and other devices that we use, can be affecting the way our brain functions. Studies have shown that the television shows, movies, and videos that we watch can also affect the content of the dreams. However, it is technology itself that plays the largest role in changing the way that people dream today.

Technology That Can Affect Dreams

First of all, there is the aspect of technology that changes the way that we dream based upon our habits. More than ever before, we are constantly on our cell phones, using tablet computers, as well as regular PCs. Our fixation with digital devices, and the imagery that we see on those devices daily, can change how we dream each and every night. It is also possible that the electronic frequencies that devices receive through Wi-Fi, and through cellular connections, can modify the way that we dream by shifting electrical impulses in the brain.

Electrical Impulses And Brain Signals

There are many studies that have shown the positive effects of technology on the human brain. Some have shown that it can actually help improve healing, memory, as well as your ability to function during the day. Conversely, other studies have shown that these electrical impulses may have detrimental effects, such as the electrical impulses that are emanating from high power electrical poles. These studies are somewhat convoluted, only addressing what could potentially be happening, yet technology itself is certainly augmenting the way we see the world. Is it possible, however, that the way that we dream is being affected by the way that we view the world through these technological devices?

How The Way We Perceive The World Changes Are Dreams

As mentioned earlier, people are spending more time than ever on digital devices. This is especially true for younger people. They are constantly connecting with friends and family members through social media, watching videos, and playing games on their cell phones and tablet computers. Although there was something similar back in the 1980s when computers first came out and arcades were popular, this is going to an entirely new level. You literally can go to sleep with your devices, watching and listening to your favorite media, and this will definitely affect how you dream.

In today’s world, our perception of everything is augmented significantly by technology. In the past, the radio and television were the main conduits of both audible and visual information. However, with the advent of smart phones and tablet computers, and the technology that is built into PCs today, this may actually lead to much more colorful and realistic dreams because of all of this constant outside sensory stimulation. Therefore, it is readily apparent that technology does play a large role in affecting the way that people dream today.

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