Five Simple Ways To Relax and Sleep Lovely!

Five Simple Ways To Relax and Sleep Lovely!

The importance of getting enough sleep can’t be overstated. Sleep deprivation affects both your body, love and your mind, causing unwanted and potentially harmful side effects. From a mental standpoint, failing to get enough sleep can impede your brain’s ability to function, making it more difficult to concentrate, while at the same time negatively impacting your memory and mood.

Your body also suffers. Poor sleep habits have been linked to everything from unintended weight gain to an increased risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. In some cases, high blood pressure has also been linked to an inadequate amount of sleep. When you are tired, you are also much more likely to get into accidents, simply because it is harder to pay attention to what is happening around you. In addition, your immune system doesn’t function as well as it should, increasing the likelihood of getting sick. There are other studies done where a mattress can be an big impact as well. Make sure you are sleeping on compy bed and if you need a new one, well there is always¬†¬†sleep experts that help you save.

With so much at stake, it is important to find ways to sleep more soundly through the night. While there are a lot of different strategies that you can use to get better sleep, one of the most effective techniques is to set aside time to relax before bed. Giving yourself a little bit of downtime at the end of the day can help both your body and your mind relax, setting the stage for better sleep.

If you haven’t been getting as much sleep as you would like, try using the following tips. Learning how to relax before going to sleep can make a big difference in how well rested you are each day.

  1. Consider taking a bath before bed.

Soaking in a hot bathtub before bed is a relaxing habit to get into. The warm water eases any tension in your muscles, helping them relax. Laying back in the tub surrounded by bubbles and soft lighting also makes it easier for your brain to let go of stress.

  1. Read a book before you fall asleep.

A 2009 University of Sussex study found that reading before bed dramatically reduced stress, making it easier to fall asleep. In fact, just six minutes of reading before bed reduced stress levels by approximately 68%. If you plan on reading before bed, stick to light reading materials. Opt for fiction rather than nonfiction and avoid any violent, upsetting, or sad content that could make it harder to fall asleep.

  1. Turn off your devices.

The light emitted by the screens of most modern devices can interfere with your body’s ability to produce a sleep-inducing hormone known as melatonin. Most experts recommend turning off or putting away all of your electronic devices at least an hour before bed. You can also try lowering the light level in the room. This will help your hormone production get back on track, making it easier to fall asleep at night. Don’t forget to shut off the TV in your bedroom at least an hour before going to sleep, as well. If you have trouble falling asleep in a quiet room, consider playing soft music in the background, instead.

  1. Try meditating before bed.

Meditation has an extremely calming effect on the mind. It is one of the most effective ways to let go of stress since it forces you to focus your attention on the current moment rather than on the past or the future. If you have never meditated before, you may want to try listening to a guided meditation. These audio files walk you through the process step-by-step, helping you progressively relax your body and your mind. You can find free guided meditation audio tracks online.

  1. Perform restorative yoga.

While some types of yoga are invigorating, restorative yoga is designed to completely relax your body. Performing a short yoga session before bed can help relieve muscular tension and mental stress, making the process of falling asleep a lot faster and easier.

Learning how to relax before going to bed can make a big difference in the overall quality of your sleep. When your body and your mind are relaxed, it is a lot easier to drift off to sleep. Instead of laying awake staring at the ceiling, you can peacefully fall asleep right away, helping to ensure that you get an adequate amount of rest each night.


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